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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Planning and Economic Development



Macomb County's GIS

GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems and is a powerful tool to manage data, especially spatial data. Macomb County’s GIS Team maintains a variety of data, maps, and applications for the public and various stakeholders that are related to economic, environmental, infrastructure, planning & land use, and quality of life. As well as, maintaining the Macomb County GIS Portal that is utilized throughout the county and the entire GIS enterprise.

Explore some of the GIS service group's most recent projects below or browse though the different categories of maps and apps!

See more at the Macomb County GIS Portal: GIS.MacombGov.Org





     Recent Projects: 



economic.png​​​​​​Information on the county’s economic health, related to businesses economic investments, job creation / retention, and industry growth.

Economic Maps

enviornmental.pngFacts about the management and status of natural resources, which is vital to support a growing and healthy environment for the county.

Environmental Maps

infrastructure.pngLocation and information about fundamental facilities that are managed by a variety of government entities and are needed to support the county.

Infrastructure Maps

planning.pngData on different urban planning strategies and land use classifications, to regulate and plan the development of land within the county.

Planning Maps

quality.pngFactors that affects the health, comfort, happiness, and general quality of life experienced by all people or groups that are living, working, or visiting the county.

Quality of Life Maps