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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


The Planning and Mapping services section is comprised of two unique workgroups, Planning Services and Geographical Information Services (GIS).  Both workgroups are integrated into the Department of Planning and Economic Development via the Planning and Mapping Services section.

Planning Services Workgroup

The Planning Services workgroup strives to reach across municipal boundaries to address common opportunities and challenges that impact all jurisdictions.  The Planning and Mapping service area does not take the place of sound local planning, but is here to foster coordination between communities by educating, promoting, enhancing and advocating for sound planning practices.  With each successful collaborative project, the Planning Services workgroup moves closer to creating sustainable communities, addressing quality of life issues and protecting the natural environment.  Planning Services is committed to illustrating the importance of comprehensive and coordinated planning.

Core Values:

  • Responsiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Coordination
  • Outreach
  • Interaction
  • Technical Assistance

Geographical Information Services (GIS) Workgroup

The Macomb County GIS Services workgroup’s primary mission is to provide policy makers and managers support through the analysis and visualization of geospatial data. GIS Services develops data and applications to support the Office of County Executive, Macomb County departments and agencies and collaborative efforts between local units of government.  GIS Services maintains environmental, political, transportation, land use, taxation, demographic and aerial imagery feature datasets.

It is our mission to develop and maintain a Geographic Information System that:

  • Provides county policy makers, county departments and planners with tools and information to support policy analysis, decision-making, services provision and program development.
  • Provides enhanced 911 mapping to CLEMIS and all local emergency services personnel by creating and maintaining an E911 Street Centerline file, property tax maps and the Emergency Services web-based mapping service.
  • Supports economic development and enhances the quality of life for Macomb County residents.
  • Provides enhanced access to GIS data by the general public.
  • Provides enhanced access to GIS data by local units of government.